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Summer 2010

Its been a busy few months and I haven't had the chance to update my website. As I am writing this, I am in NY acting in a film directed by Lobsang Chophel, a graduate student from the New York Film Academy. This is my first time acting in a film, but I am familiar with theater works. I have done theater at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in India, Studio 7 in Kathmandu, Caravan of Dream in Texas, and during my college at UC Santa Cruz and with Chaksampa. So after devoting most of my past twenty years to music and Tibetan performance, this acting experience is quite a reconnecting experience, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I hope to look into some film acting possibilities in the future. Here are few photos from the film shoot.

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Just before coming to NY, I concluded my nine-city Semshae CD release tour in Minneapolis during a week long celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 75th Birth Day, and also in the Bay Area.

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Several events took place and Semshae was well represented in each event.

I started the Semshae tour in NY on May 22 and the tour then went to Toronto, and eight other cities in the US. The tour was a huge undertaking for me and those who supported it, and I am glad that the CD is now in hands of many children. I was also fortunate to meet with famous American children's singer Dan Zanes.

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I am very grateful to all the Tibetan Associations for their support in organizing this tour and of course my relatives, friends and fans for their unwavering support for this tour. I deeply appreciate their kindness. I will now be planning a tour to Europe and Asia. Please check more at

While on the tour in NY, I have met some established and upcoming Tibetan artists who are persuing their carreer in films, contemporary art and photography. There is a new generation of Tibetans who are determined and ready to make a mark in the global art world. I am so proud of that. Last night I met Tenzin Rigdol la, a contemporary Tibetan artist in NY who told me about Sa Chu Me Long: a Tibetan art guild he and fellow artists established in NY. The guild's main goal is to enrich and promote Tibetan artists globally. If you are interested here is the website:, and I encourage all Tibetan artists to send their photos and bios to them.

Have a happy Summer.


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